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Understanding Changes to Our Admin Fee
Understanding Changes to Our Admin Fee

Effective 2nd January 2024

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At Carefree, we're committed to offering outstanding services and support to our valued carers. We believe in transparency and keeping you fully informed about any changes in our policies or fees. With this in mind, we want to communicate a change in our admin fee, effective from the 2nd of January 2024, where it will increase from £25 to £33.

Understanding the Admin Fee Increase

  1. Inclusion of VAT: The new fee of £33 now includes a 20% VAT (Value Added Tax). This aligns with UK tax laws, and we are now VAT liable. The implementation of VAT is a government requirement, and our compliance ensures our continued high-quality service.

  2. Operational Costs: The base cost of our admin fee has slightly increased to £27.50 (excluding VAT). This adjustment addresses the heightened expenses associated with our operational costs. We continually invest in enhancing our services, ensuring that we provide the best support possible to our carers.

  3. First Increase in Nearly 7 Years: We would also like to note that this is the first time we've increased our admin fee in almost 7 years. We have endeavoured to keep costs as low as possible for as long as we can to support our carers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is VAT being added now?

VAT is a tax imposed on goods and services in the UK when an organisation’s trading income reaches £85,000 a year. Carefree now falls into this category and has to charge VAT on its services to be compliant with HMRC’s rules.

What exactly does the admin fee cover?

The admin fee aids in covering the costs related to managing and operating Carefree. This includes maintaining our platform, providing customer support, and ensuring smooth processing of bookings and requests. Your contribution is vital in helping us offer valuable benefits and support to unpaid carers.

Will there be more changes to the fee in the future?

While we aim to maintain stability in our fees, tax regulations and business needs can change. Should there be any further adjustments, we promise to keep you informed well in advance.

Further Support and Queries

We understand that changes in fees can be a concern. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to assist you and ensure that your experience with Carefree remains positive and supportive.

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