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Is there any cost to the carer support organisation?
Is there any cost to the carer support organisation?
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There is a membership cost to carers support organisations. For membership criteria and more details - see here.

What's the cost?

We operate a turnover-based annual membership model for Community Partners.

  • Below £300k | £300

  • £300k – £500k | £500

  • £500k – £1m | £1,000

  • £1m – £2m | £2,000

  • £2m – £3m | £3,000

  • Above £3m | £4,000

This fixed fee offers you predictable spend and the ability to drive increased value for money over time as your referrals and breaks numbers grow. The average value of a Carefree break is £275, so even a handful of breaks presents a return on investment.

If you deliver more than just carer-focused services or if you are a local part of a larger organisation, we charge you only on the relevant part of your turnover.

Please get in touch with Sarine Sofair (Community Partnerships Manager) for more information or to schedule a demo at

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