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Membership: Becoming a Community Partner
Membership: Becoming a Community Partner
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We have two criteria for becoming a Community Partner:

  • Carer verification: Community Partners must be able to verify a carer's eligibility, i.e. that they are in a full-time caring role (30+ hours per week) and aged over 18.

  • Organisation size: Community Partners must have a minimum of 300 adult carers affiliated with them. This ensures that CPs have a substantial reach and impact within the carer community.

What are the benefits?

  1. Unlimited referrals and carer breaks: Enjoy the flexibility of referring unlimited eligible carers and providing them with access to much-needed breaks without limitations.

  2. Instant access for carers: Ensure your carers gain instant access to the Breaks Hub at the point of submission without extensive documentation, ID or proof of caring.​

  3. Customised dashboard with impact reporting functionality: You will gain access to a personalised dashboard equipped with impact reporting tools, which will allow you to track and showcase positive outcomes.

  4. Key account management: Enjoy the advantage of team management, such as adding team members and organising administrative roles within your account.​

  5. Upcoming break overviews: Stay informed with overviews of all upcoming breaks, enabling your team to provide coordinated support efficiently.​

  6. Pre-payment of admin fees: Secure the £33 admin fee for your carers in advance by purchasing admin fee credits linked to your account.

  7. Post-break testimonials: Access carer stories and testimonials directly (coming soon).

What's the cost?

We operate a turnover-based annual membership model for Community Partners. (Prices for Local Authorities may vary)

  • Below £300k | £300 + 20% VAT

  • £300k – £500k | £500 + 20% VAT

  • £500k – £1m | £1,000 + 20% VAT

  • £1m – £2m | £2,000 + 20% VAT

  • £2m – £3m | £3,000 + 20% VAT

  • Above £3m | £4,000 + 20% VAT

This fixed fee offers you predictable spend and the ability to drive increased value for money over time as your referrals and breaks numbers grow. The average value of a Carefree break is £250, so even a handful of breaks presents a return on investment.

If you deliver more than just carer-focused services or if you are a local part of a larger organisation, we charge you only on the relevant part of your turnover.

Please get in touch with Sarine Sofair (Community Partnerships Manager) for more information or to schedule a demo at

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