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What are the benefits of Community Partner Membership?
What are the benefits of Community Partner Membership?
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Benefits of Community Partner Membership

  1. Unlimited referrals and carer breaks: Enjoy the flexibility of referring unlimited eligible carers and providing them with access to much-needed breaks without limitations.

  2. Customised dashboard with impact reporting functionality: Gain access to a personalised dashboard equipped with impact reporting tools, allowing you to track and showcase the positive outcomes.

  3. Key account management: Enjoy the advantage of team management, such as adding team members and organising administrative roles within your account.

  4. Instant access for carers: Ensure your carers gain instant access to the Breaks Hub at the point of submission without extensive documentation, ID or proof of caring.

  5. Upcoming break overviews: Stay informed with overviews of all upcoming breaks, enabling your team to provide coordinated support efficiently.

  6. Pre-payment of admin fees: Secure the £33 admin fee for your carers in advance by purchasing admin fee credits linked to your account.

Supportive Growth

As your organisation's referrals and delivered breaks increase, the fee remains consistent, offering financial predictability for your essential care services. This model ensures that you can grow your impact while maintaining budgetary stability.

Find out more about pricing and how to become a Community Partner here.

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