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Understanding How Carefree Works: A Guide for Carers
Understanding How Carefree Works: A Guide for Carers
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At Carefree, we are dedicated to facilitating short breaks for unpaid carers through the generosity of our Hospitality Partners. Our platform displays a selection of hotels with forecasted potential availability for specific dates. Please note that the final decision on room allocation rests with the hotel, and not all rooms may be available for the Carefree offer despite showing as potentially available. An admin fee of £33 is required per booking to support our charity’s operations. While the accommodation is covered, the carer is responsible for any additional expenses, such as transportation and meals.

Break Details

Carers can enjoy breaks of one or two nights to unwind and recharge. To ensure fairness and accessibility, these breaks are limited to one per calendar year for each carer. Please note that breaks cannot be divided into multiple one-night stays. Room types are predominantly double or twin, with a limited number of single rooms available, which are clearly indicated on our platform.

Hotel Availability

Our partner hotels predict when they might have rooms available and provide this information to us in advance. This forecasted inventory is what you see when browsing for potential breaks. It is important to understand that hotel occupancy levels change constantly due to bookings from other guests and external circumstances. Therefore, availability can change unexpectedly, and the dates you see are subject to confirmation from the hotel. Your booking is only confirmed once you receive a confirmation email from Carefree, securing your stay.

How to Request a Break

To request a break, carers need to use the Carefree Breaks Hub. We’ve made this process as easy as possible:

1. Log in to your Carefree account.

2. Navigate to the Breaks Hub. Here, you will find a list of hotels and their potentially available dates.
3. Refer to the calendar for availability. Only dates coloured in yellow are open for booking requests. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for additional nights not displayed.

Additional Resources

We understand that some may prefer a visual walkthrough, so we have created an informative guide video. You can find this resource in the ‘Welcome’ tab within your Carefree Space.

At Carefree, we are constantly striving to improve the user experience. We proactively manage and update the inventory to reflect the latest availability, ensuring that we provide a fair and timely service to carers.

For further information and to access the guide on requesting a break, please visit the following links:

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact our customer support team, by clicking on the chat button in the right corner of the page.

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