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Why can't I select 2 nights?
Why can't I select 2 nights?
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When planning a break, it's important to consider the potential availability displayed on our calendar. At times, due to the way our system functions, selecting one available night might automatically highlight a second night, even if it isn't available. This article will guide you through understanding and dealing with this issue.

Hotels share their inventory based on forecasted availability, which can fluctuate due to several reasons:

  • Requests made by other carers

  • Changes in the hotel's own occupancy rates

Because of this, there may be occasions when only a single night is available to be requested. The calendar will display this as follows:

In the example above, even though only one night appears as available, the reservation system may still highlight a second night. Please be aware that this does not mean a two-night break is possible if the second night isn't shown as available. If you select a date and the system includes an additional night that is not available, you will see a prompt with the following message:

This message means that one of the selected nights isn't open to be requested, and only the night highlighted in yellow on the calendar can be requested.

Our service depends on the kind support of our hospitality partners, and therefore, we can only offer nights that are marked as available (highlighted in yellow) on the calendar. Regrettably, it is not possible to request extra nights that are not indicated as available.

For more information on how our offer works, please read this article: Understanding how Carefree works

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact our customer support team, by clicking on the chat button in the right corner of the page.

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