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What are the sign-up benefits?
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Zero Revenue Impact: Participation is completely free with no minimum inventory commitments. Only unsold rooms are requested, ensuring no loss in room revenue and maximum flexibility in partnership terms.

Flexible Inventory System: Accommodates specific hotel needs and preferences, like offering rooms only on low-demand days/periods of the year or under certain occupancy levels.

Turn-key ESG Solution: Provides hotels with a free and ready-to-implement ESG solution that delivers tangible, measurable social impact.

New Revenue Stream: Offers the opportunity for additional revenue from F&B and spa services. Our experience shows that these breaks are highly valued by carers, who often choose to treat themselves to these amenities during their stays (resulting in extra foot traffic during typically quiet periods as well).

Enhanced Brand Image: Improves the hotel's community engagement and public perception by contributing to a socially beneficial cause through our Breakmaker certificate scheme.

Staff Benefits: Introduces attractive benefits for hotel staff, adding value to HR offerings (allowing staff that identify as unpaid carers to go on a Carefree break).

Ready-to-Use Marketing Assets: Supplies (consent-given) testimonials, photos, and videos for use in the hotel's marketing and PR efforts, enhancing promotional activities.

And most importantly: Profound Social Impact: Directly supports unpaid carers, providing them with much-needed breaks and contributing positively to their well-being and quality of life.

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