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Do I need to use my email to sign up with Carefree?
Do I need to use my email to sign up with Carefree?

What email address can I use?

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You will need to sign up with Carefree with your own email address (if you are being referred to Carefree by a Carer Support Organisation they will need to provide your email address to us).

Any email address will suffice- here is a guide by Google on how to create a Gmail.

We will need to contact you directly for updates around breaks availability, details surrounding your break and confirmation. Therefore, it is really vital you are able to access an email address that will allow Carefree to maintain regular contact with you surrounding breaks.

We may not be able to provide our service effectively without an email address, as such it us important that a carer has an email address when registering with Carefree.

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