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What information do I need to refer a carer?
What information do I need to refer a carer?

Referral form information. What details we require when submitting a carer.

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To refer a carer, firstly, you must have their permission.

Then you will need to enter their:

First name

Last name

Email address



Phone number

Who they care for - Adult(s), Child(ren) or Both

Confirm permission

Once submitted, the carer will automatically receive a welcome email with login details.

What if I make a mistake?

Once carer details are inputted, they are linked to the database, and any changes made directly by support staff or carers can potentially affect the functionality and efficiency of the system. To ensure the smooth operation of the platform, we handle all profile change requests manually. This allows us to carefully review and update the necessary information to ensure everything works seamlessly for the carer.

Please contact us directly via the chat button or, and we will manually amend any errors.

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