Logging into your Carefree space

In order to search for breaks on Carefree's booking hub you will need to sign into the Carefree members space. You can do so by entering your email address and password via https://members.carefreespace.org/.

Entering search criteria

You will need to choose what kind of break you are looking for by selecting:
- Dates
- Hotel or Cottage
- Room type
- No. of guests
- Region
- Whether or not you will bring a pet along, or require disabled access.

Making your booking

Choose the days (from the dates available) you would like to go on a break for and click "Proceed to booking'. (You will need to click on the day you will check-in and out, e.g. 12th and 13th October.

You will need to agree to the 'Terms of Service' before making your payment and entering your card details in order to pay for the £25 admin fee.

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