Once your organisation has joined Carefree, you will be able to create a staff account(s) and start referring eligible unpaid carers (see our article on who's eligible).

We call this account the Members Space.

View updates by Carefree

Click on 'WHAT'S NEW' in the top tab to view latest updates and announcements by Carefree.

Refer eligible carers

1- Click on 'REFER A CARER' on the top bar (or the button in the Member's Space home page)

2- Do take some time to view the eligibility criteria for carers before scrolling down and clicking 'Start a Referral'

3- Submit the carer's details

View your organisation's referral history

You can view the carers you or your colleagues have referred in the past, which is important to not inadvertently refer the same carer twice, and see which carers have taken a break by clicking on 'REFERRAL HISTORY'.

View your profile

Finally to view your own profile details click on 'MY PROFILE' on the top bar, where you will be able to update your details, email and password.

Invite colleagues to create their own account

Click on INVITE A COLLEAGUE and submit their work email. They will receive an email with a link to create an account under the name of your organisation.

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