In order to filter your referral history to view particular stats first navigate to the 'Referral History' page.

Searching using Keywords

You can use the 'Keywords' field to enter the name of a carer, carer support worker or any keyword which corresponds to a particular person you are trying to search for. This is most ideal for when you would like to search for someone specifically to establish for example, who referred a particular carer, or whether that carer has been on a break this year.

Using the keyword search will return all the results that contain your keyword, so it is important to note if you are looking for a person it is worth including their first and last name in the 'keyword' search bar as this will
If you would like to reset your search just clock on the 'reset' button to the right of the 'search' button.

Searching using Filters

You can enable user-defined filters to search for multiple criteria.
These criteria can be based on the different columns available in the referral history page such as 'Date Submitted'.

You can add more filters to the same filter search by clicking the 'Add filter' button. In the example below the filter will show all results for carers that were submitted after 1st April 2021, AND have been on a break.

You can change the filter search logic, for example, to show carers that were submitted to Carefree on (and none after) 1st April, OR carers that have been on a break. You can use the dropdown menu in each field of the filter search bars to customise what you would like to search in your referral history.

Once you have entered your search filter parameters, click the 'Submit' button to show the search results.

You can change how many results are displayed on each page by clicking the dropdown box showing the current number of results shown per page.

Reset your filters

Remember to remove your filters if you would like to see the whole referral history unfiltered. You can do this by clicking on the 'x' on the filter parameters.

Exporting Search Results

If you would like to export your filter results for internal reporting you can do so by clicking on the 'Export' button. This will allow you to save your results in a CSV format for internal use.

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