Because of security reasons, we cannot change your password for you. But it’s very easy to do so yourself.

To reset your password follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Click “Reset password” and enter the email address you have registered with Carefree.

  3. Click on the button “Send Password Reset Email”. Do not close this page, you’ll need to come back to it later.

  4. The system will send a one-off 6-digit code to the email address you entered. Please note this is NOT your new password. It is a temporary validation code to verify your identity (just to make sure it’s you that’s changing your password and not someone else!).

  5. Copy or write down this code.

  6. Now go back to the login page, that you kept open from step 3. In here enter the 6-digit code that was just sent to you into “6-Digit One-Time Code” field.

  7. In the “New Password” box, enter a new password of your choice, and repeat this in the “Confirm Password” box. Then click on the “Reset Password” button.

Congratulations, you have now reset your password, and you can log into your Carefree Space

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